Using Your Vision Board to Focus the Law of Attraction On Your Goals

Vision is the most primal, and dominant of the human senses. It even shows up in mythology and spiritualism; you never hear of a mystic trying to open his inner ear, but tales of opening your inner eye to receive enlightenment abound. As such, vision plays a great role not only in how we perceive the world, but how we shape it.

Think for a moment about making first impressions, or when you’re first exposed to someone, or something new. You gather more information than you can consciously process, and put that person, or that new concept into your mental framework of how the world works. This works on a deeply subconscious level; this is why when you see something out of the corner of your eye in the dark, you’re likely to jump – that’s your subconscious saying “That shadow might have a predator, be prepared to threaten it or run away.” The basic fight or flight instinct, as it were.

However, how you see the world determines how you shape it to your will, as well. The Law of Attraction says the things you focus on are the things that you bring into your life, the things you pull to your circumstances via the Law of Attraction. And because the eyes are the centerpiece of how you focus on the world, they remain one of the fundamental ways to make the Law of Attraction work for you, and the way to use your eyes is to make a vision board.

A vision board is a collage, or, in some ways, a treasure map, of your goals and aspirations. Focusing on releasing your tension, and thinking about your goals in the present tense, go through and sort out pictures of goals you want to achieve, keywords of things you believe in and images that bring you peace, calmness and a sense of accomplishment. Try not to consciously pick. Just close your eyes, exhale, letting the tension out, and pick the first one that leaps into vision when you open them again. Use this to sift through a catalog of images of importance to you, then build a collage, from the center out – start with a central goal, and work your way out in a spiral pattern with things that will help you achieve that central goal. This process helps you break your goal down into substeps; as you select each substep, visualize what it will feel like to achieve that goal. Imagine yourself achieving it, and focus on that sensation, as you glue the piece into place.

This is a more graphical-spatial way of breaking down a project into manageable parts, and is a good visualization and relaxation technique for putting the Law of Attraction into your life and propelling you forward. When the vision board is complete, focus in on it, on the center of it, and do that same “look through the corner of your eye” trick on it to see the steps you need for success in a new perspective!