The Law of Attraction Hates Procrastinators

I will keep this introduction four sentences short!

This article is for people who want extraordinary success only, so if that is you then read on.

Whether you believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’ or not you need to read this.

If you found the title catchy because you are a procrastinator, you need to read this.

For those who never heard about it; the ‘Law of Attraction’ is a belief that is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is claimed that, if one thinks about something and imagines him or herself already in possession of that thing or situation, there is a force that will bring it about. It will become real, especially if intense feeling and detail is associated with the imagination.

Ok! Now what am I up to this time? Why is the author of an anti-procrastination book writing on a metaphysical topic?

I don’t want to scare away those who, like me, like to keep their feet on the ground but I have recently discovered the definite way to finally make this “Law” work.

I have known about this claim for over nineteen years now, and for the most part I have believed it. It was also a major cause of procrastination because I naively believed that I could just sit down, visualize, add detail, add feeling, ”raise my vibration” and anything I wanted would be delivered on my lap by some hot chick on a silver plate.

Being in love with psychology, I know that there are great benefits for people who challenge their established beliefs so I decided to challenge the notion of attraction and see what would happen. To the envy of those New-Agers out there still struggling to see any results; the moment I stopped believing about the Law of Attraction, it started to work for me! When you finish reading this article you will have all the knowledge you need to make it work for you as well.

My stance on the “Law of Attraction”

At this point some readers will be understandably confused. Does this guy believe in the Law of Attraction or doesn’t he? I take a stance similar to what Bill Harris (one of the stars of The Secret) takes.

I believe that our thoughts produce our feelings and behaviors. I believe that when we focus on some outcome in the right manner our minds will start noticing things and come up with new ideas that will help to bring that outcome. I believe that we will also be attracting people who are likely to support our projects with the non-verbal language we adopt. Our body language, tone of voice, perfume, words we use and even places we start enjoying, will be the exact ones favoring our chances of meeting people who are likely to be inspired by our ideas and are willing to help us. I therefore also believe that a large deal of our external circumstances is created by our thoughts even if we are not aware of most of this happening.

The thoughts and beliefs you have attracts you to the people, knowledge, ideas, resources, circumstances and the right approach needed to get these on your side.

However, I do not believe that some force in The Universe is doing it for us, I consider the metaphysical claims to be 90% baloney. Yes I have read Dr. William Thiller’s ‘Conscious Acts of Creation’ too and that’s what is keeping that 90% from becoming nearer to 100%.

I also refuse to believe that we attract everything we experience, this is ridiculous. Sometimes good things happen and sometimes “dirt” just hits the fan! We are not responsible for all that happens to us, but keep in mind that one may always make a fortune from apparent adversity if one keeps an open mind and a positive attitude.

In a nutshell, I believe there is nothing spiritual, metaphysical or quantum-physical about the “Law of Attraction”. It is purely the immense capability that the human mind has to influence and be influenced in a manner that brings about the results of thoughts and beliefs one holds.

It is said that when a student is ready the teacher will appear. It is not that the teacher was missing; teachers, like abundance, love and laughter are always underneath our nose but we only make them visible to ourselves once we adopt the thoughts and beliefs that allow us to notice them.

So what did I discover about the “Law of Attraction” that makes it work?

Those familiar with my work will know that I have investigated 22 people in order to learn what makes them free from procrastination. I wanted to discover the cure to procrastination.

Interestingly virtually all of these people believed that a Higher Power was helping them out. It was a common characteristic between them. They may identify the power differently, some called it God, some called it nature’s inherent intelligence and the atheists among them claimed it was their subconscious mind. However, all dwelt on the belief in a higher power conspiring to help them.

How was it then; that most procrastinators were using this same reliance on a higher power to avoid taking action to fulfill the very dreams they wanted to fulfill? The difference was not in the belief but in the attitude.

Procrastinators were expecting the higher power to deliver without their effort. The Pro-Completers on the other hand were leaving it to do its work while they did their work as best they could.

If you want the Law of Attraction to work effortlessly for you, you must first decide to abandon procrastination and the first step is to realize that you have to stop using it as an excuse to take no action!

How can you better utilize the ‘Law of attraction’ without using it as an excuse to take no action!?

This is achieved by using some common sense. Keep in mind the following three rules:

Rule 1: Thoughts need to be strong enough to put YOU into action

If you want to believe that thoughts bring about corresponding realities, you will need to admit that the strongest thoughts will be the ones to manifest as reality quicker and more evidently. Now ask yourself which of these is the strongest thought?

1. a dismissed idea

2. a fantasy you dwell on

3. a highly emotional thought

4. a highly emotional and detailed thought with an action plan written down

5. a highly emotional and detailed thought with an action plan written down which you often read

6. a thought that is resulting in you taking action

7. a thought that is resulting in you taking action with a conviction so tenacious that nothing is going to stop you from achieving what you want.

You guessed it! These are in order of strength.

If you are a procrastinator your thoughts are not strong enough to even put YOU into action and you won’t inspire other people, let alone the Universe. It may also be that you have other thoughts that conflict with your desired goal and these are pulling you away from your goal and into procrastination.

So that is the first part of my discovery that makes the Law of Attraction work. It says “your thoughts must be strong enough to put you into action!” The powerful thoughts and beliefs themselves are made stronger when action is added to them because the mind inevitable has to focus more on the outcome.

Rule 2: Relying heavily on the Law of Attraction is a sign of weakness.

This is something no Law of Attraction guru will likely tell you because there’s a chance you will lose trust in him or her. If you lose trust in them, they can’t help you anymore and they lose their money. (And let’s face it, some of them are just in there to preach their own religion because there’s money to be made, and only incorporate Law of Attraction to make it appealing)

I am more bothered with saying things as they are though, so how is relying on the Law of Attraction a sign of weakness? Bear with me…

Suppose you have a chocolate bar in a cupboard and you really want a piece of chocolate, what do you do?

Unless you have a conflicting decision, like you’re on a diet or something, you’d go and indulge in your chocolate without a second thought. I’m sure you won’t sit down to visualize, meditate, write affirmations, feel gratitude and write letters to the Universe.

Suppose you don’t have any chocolate but there’s a sweet shop round the corner? I’m rarely out of chocolate but I’d personally go out and buy twelve boxes without visualization whatsoever!

If that’s what you do to get a piece of chocolate, why then do people do the above things to attract harder things? Wouldn’t it be easier to just get their hands dirty and go out to achieve their goal?

The reason they do those visualizations, affirmations and letters to the Universe is because they believe the goal is harder to reach than the chocolate piece. Guess what! If they believe it is harder to achieve, they will get what they believe!

The moment you settle ALMOST EXCUSIVELY for Law of Attraction techniques, like the ridiculous letter to the Universe, from now on let that be an alarm for you. Your mind is telling you that it believes the achievement of that goal is hard. To make your mind believe that it is not hard there is only one way. Split the whole project in small achievable tasks and set up realistic dates and deadlines for their completion. An elephant can be eaten one bite at a time. Present every bite to your mind on a schedule and you’d forget your letter to the Universe in no time.

Rule 3: There is something more powerful than Law of Attraction that is much easier to use.

What is this more powerful thing? It is called ‘taking action’. If you want to buy a chocolate bar from the store round the corner which is quicker; visualization or actually going to the shop and buying the thing?

How do these rules help me (and you) to make the Law of Attraction work?

All I can say is that, since I am relying on myself for what I want to achieve, I am getting more things falling in my lap at the right time than ever. I am experiencing synchronistic and serendipitous events so often, that I am now convinced that an Intelligent Higher Power is conspiring to help me. It could be just an impression my mind is getting but believe me, it is a very convincing one.

When this happens I am reminded of Goethe’s famous quote that says “That the moment one definitely commits oneself Providence moves too. All things occur to one that would never otherwise have occurred. A stream of events issue from the decision raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meeting and material assistance which no man would have dreamed would have come his way.” Apparently Goethe thought that the ultimate secret to the Law of Attraction is to step into action with commitment.

In fact we should spell it ‘attr-action’, with a hyphen!

Does it happen because there is really a strange power in the Universe? I’d rather remain objective and avoid superstitions myself. In fact I suggest you should not care! Just commit yourself to achieve goals with or without help from higher powers and stay away from procrastination. That is the essence of commitment!

People may speculate about whether ‘Law of Attraction’ is the secret to success, but what we can tell with absolute certainty is that the ‘Act of Procrastination’ is the top cause of failure and this is a secret to no one!

Now you can start applying the above knowledge to start experiencing Law of Attraction constantly. I’d like to add a paragraph that unfortunately sounds like a sales pitch, but it is my hope that you see through the marketing-BS-like sentences and catch a glimpse of my sincere wish to help people reading this.

Meanwhile, I sincerely wish you all the success you desire and hope the above thoughts will help you to embrace the very commitment that makes its achievement all possible.

Mark Mifsud