NC Drug Laws Explained

North Carolina’s Drug crimes are harsh, and defense of these crimes requires a Raleigh, Apex, or Cary criminal lawyer familiar not only with the law, but with how the Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby and his staff enforce the law. The Wake County District Attorney has various office “policies” which govern how the various assistant district attorneys – the men and women who actually prosecute cases – can handle cases. Those policies change from time to time, but basically they govern whether the Raleigh prosecutor in your case has any discretion in how to handle your case.

North Carolina’s drug crimes are all statutory crimes in Chapter 90, Article 5, of the North Carolina General Statutes. North Carolina’s drug crimes can either be misdemeanors or felonies. Simple possession of less than a half ounce of marijuana is a class 3 misdemeanor, which is the least serious level crime in North Carolina.

Trafficking in 28 grams or more of heroin, which requires proof that the person “knowingly”, “sold, manufactured, delivered, transported, or possessed OR conspired to sell manufacture, deliver transport or possess” opium, including heroin, and the quantity is 28 grams or more, the defendant is eligible for a Class C felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of 225 months in prison. That’s nearly 19 years in prison for about 1 pound of heroin.

Given the stiff penalties for trafficking – and trafficking doesn’t mean you have to be flying around in a Colombian – and the fact that those penalties have mandatory minimums, it’s easy to see how defendants can really get astronomical sentences for drug charges in Wake County, North Carolina.

In fact, these penalties are shocking to many people who come from New York. As I understand it, New York City prosecutors can give defendants 30 or 60 days of jail time for charges that in North Carolina will mean years and years in prison. Simply saying, “But in New York they do it differently,” won’t help. You’re in North Carolina, where the drug laws are very strict.

The more common drug charges in North Carolina relate to obtaining prescription medication through forgery or fraud. That crime can be charged as a misdemeanor, or, if the prosecutor can prove “intent,” as a felony. Frequently the defendant will take a misdemeanor plea to such charges, because the Wake County prosecutor will otherwise say she will prosecute the crime as a felony. And since “intent” is not difficult to show in many cases, the defendant may lose at trial and be convicted of the Class I felony.

Another common drug charge is possession with intent to sell or deliver. In order to convict on this crime, the Wake County District Attorney must prove that the defendant possessed the controlled substance and intended to sell, manufacture, or deliver it. The prosecutor doesn’t have to prove that the person ever sold anything. Just that the person intended to sell, manufacture or deliver it.

“Intent” can be proven by showing that amount was too much for one person’s personal use, or that it was packaged in several baggies. Simply finding 10 rocks of crack cocaine was not enough to find intent to sell or deliver. However, having 10 rocks in 10 separate baggies may be enough to convict.

I’ve seen many cases where the person had recently bought a few baggies of drugs, maybe some pot or crack, and where the police stopped him immediately after, and found a few baggies of pot on him, and charged HIM with possession with intent to sell or deliver (PWISD). Those cases can be defended, so it’s not hopeless. But it’s important to remember that the more baggies the drugs are in, the more likely the police will accuse the defendant of PWISD and not a simple possession charge.

Finally, the most bizarre crime in North Carolina is the possession of counterfeit controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver. Here’s what happens. A snitch, CI, or “confidential informant” working for the Raleigh Police Department (RPD) or the Wake County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) or some other police agency goes up to some guy on the street and asks him for a couple of rocks. The guy (who becomes my client!) has nothing on him, but he wants to make a quick $50. So he tells the person that he’ll go “around the corner” to his stash to get some. He goes around the corner, picks up a few white/yellowish tiny stones, and comes back. The snitch (CI) gives him $50 in exchange for the “rocks” which are literally stones picked up off the ground, not drugs at all.

RPD swoops in, arresting the guy for either “sale or delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance” or “possession with intent to sell or deliver a counterfeit substance.” Obviously this is a nonsense crime. This is a crime where one guy has perhaps, at most, cheated the other guy out of $50 in exchange for some pebbles. Maybe it’s a kind of fraud. But it is not a drug crime.

But in Wake County, North Carolina, it may be charged as at least a Class I felony.

BMW Corner Lights – Illuminating The Globe

The brand, whose cars are well known for their high performance levels and dynamic character and looks, is BMW. Its product qualifies as the most ultimate driving vehicles, as each one of the car is engineered in a manner that it is breathe taking. BMW cars for sure are known for its extremely comfortable and pleasurable ride. Because of its sleek look, sporting style and excellent design of exterior parts, it is very noticeable in every parking lot. The most striking exterior features of BMW cars are the auto lights.

Both at daylight and at night time, BMW auto lights are entrancing. They emit sufficient rays of light that gets your attention just when needed. A BMW light not only keeps vehicle from being harmed, it also enhances the car’s appeal. They are safety parts too, although they may not be commonly regarded as such. By the laws, you must consider auto lights essential in a vehicle; in fact they play a vital role in safety measures of the road. It could be extremely dangerous to drive without them in the daylight, moreover especially at night, it’s not desirable to get without them, and since road accidents are always possible.

If you examine your car lights, there are various kinds of lights mounted in different locations. Among the most important are the headlights and the taillights. Headlamps are of more importance because while driving by, they light up the road ahead and taillights keep your vehicle visible from the back as you drive down the road. BMW keep in view not only giving the car a majestic look but also the importance of the occupants’ safety. For that reason BMW has mounted more lights in the vehicles than any other car manufacturer company. Among these additional lights are corner lights.

They are mounted at the front corner of the vehicle, beside the headlights and at the side of the fender. They are also called interchangeably with side marker lights. They can be used to serve as having more than one function. Their primary function is to signal on by lit up while you are turning the vehicle at respective direction: right or left. This way, others become aware of the direction of your turn. They also increase visibility of the vehicle at night, especially when driving in very dark areas, making it easier for other drivers to spot your car.

BMW corner lights also function as plain running lights while others work as reflectors. These kinds of corner enhance your car’s look into being more elegant and stylish. Though corner lights are not capable of enhancing the performance of your car, they can instead give it a more delicate appearance. It is not necessary for quality corner lights to be expensive.

Following are some of the quality corner lights for BMW model cars that can be easily found in the market for BMW lovers:

4 Doors model, BMW 325i (92-95)

4 Doors model, BMW 328is (96-98)

Assy, White, Coupe model, BMW 330i (02-02)

Assy, White, Coupe/ Convert able model, BMW M3 (02-05)

CLEAR LENS, COUPE, TO 3-03 model, BMW 330ci (01-03)

Amber Lens, COUPE, Assy model, BMW 323i (99-00)

Amber Lens, COUPE, Assy model, BMW M3 (01-01)

Assy, Amber, to 3-03, Coupe model, BMW 330ci (02-03)

BMW 323i (98-99)

4 doors model, BMW 318i (92-98)

Remember readers when you are looking for corner lights for your BMW, go through all the superb stylish designs of it. Surf the net now and stay updated to what’s in and what’s out. Make sure to review the updates on BMW cars.

With the use of internet, saving money, time and effort will definitely be at hand!

How to Use the Law of Abundance to Get What You Want From the Law of Attraction – 3 Essential Tips

The Law of Attraction became really popular after the coming out of the hit movie “The Secret.” The gurus, who appeared in the movie, discussed the ins and outs of the Law of Attraction. However, there is another great law, which they did not really address directly, which is very important for achieving success with the Law of Attraction. The name of this law is the Law of Abundance.

What is the Law of Abundance? This is the law, which postulates how abundance is accumulated and kept. In fact, it is impossible to separate the Law of Attraction from the Law of Abundance, especially when one is looking to attract abundance. Abundance can not be attracted by someone, who does not know about its law, would not you agree? Here are the three essential tips, which will allow you to use these two laws in accordance and harmony.

Tip No 1: Abundance can only be attracted by an abundant mindset, so think abundance!

It is said in the Bible, that from him who does not have, it will be taken, and given to him, who has plenty. Why is that? This might sound cruel, but if you think about it, it is rather fair. The person who has plenty, has taken the time to develop an abundance mentality. He is like a magnet to money! And naturally, money comes to him. The poor person, on the other hand, has a poverty mentality, and thus he repels money. This is not, however, to say that he can not develop an abundance mentality. How can he pull this off?

Tip No 2: Focus yourself on the object of your desire, as if you already have it here and now!

We create our future in our present minds. This is the Law of Attraction. Now, if we elaborate on this with the Law of Abundance, which says that abundance goes to abundance, then we need to create a mental picture of abundance and keep it in our minds with the strong belief that this will bring us abundance. And we should never let this goal, as abundance will be manifested eventually.

Tip No 3: Never give up on your dreams of abundance!

If you ask any guru what the biggest problem with men is, they would not tell you that men are stupid, or that men are bad, or that men are hopeless. They would say that the problem is in the lack of belief and giving up too early. I have already done my best, but it was not meant to be. What if it was just around the corner? In fact, it was just around the corner! The person who wants something strongly enough, never gives up. These are the last words of wisdom I have – live as if abundance is a reality and attract the object of your desires – work on it until it materializes. Happy abundance!

Have Someone Strong in Your Corner

There are many of us who spend the better part of our day at work, actually more time working than sleeping. We are proud of the jobs we do and put all our time and energy into performing our job duties as best we possibly can. This means lots of late nights at the office or stringing power lines in the pre-dawn hours across rural landscapes. No matter what our jobs consist of, we go all out to perform at our peak day after day. This may be the reason we recoil in shock when confronted with the employer who refuses to fight for our rights when injured on the job.

It is way too often that employers are very stingy when it comes to supporting their injured employees, even though they pay premiums to worker’s compensation insurance to cover such occurrences. They are obviously more concerned with their bottom line than with an employee who suffered an injury while under their employ. This is deeply frustrating because we spend so much time at work giving our all and would expect our employer to hold up their end of the bargain. All too often, they don’t.

An injured person is already at his wit’s end, the last thing he needs to frazzle his newly delicate situation is to engage in warfare with the employer and the worker’s compensation carrier. All his attention should be centered on recovering from his injury and getting back to work, not exhausting himself fighting for his rights to get payment for medical bills and lost wages. This is where the prudent employee hires a lawyer to act in his behalf.

Having a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights will greatly ease the stress of dealing with your company and the worker’s compensation representative. A good lawyer will also get your medical bills paid for and compensate you for all hours missed at work. You will do far better with a lawyer because they are the experts in this matter and you are not.

Many people don’t think that hiring a lawyer is necessary and some even believe that they will spend more on a lawyer than they will get from workman’s compensation. While sometimes it is true that companies will help you to get your medical bills paid for and compensation for time lost a work, the fact of the matter is that you will get more money with a lawyer because they know how best to navigate the system and use it to get their clients the most they can.

Sustaining an injury at work is no holiday. When we hurt and cannot work, our income, families and emotional well being all suffer. It seems natural that the hard work we put in on behalf of our employers and the pride we take in our jobs would somehow be recognized by our company and they would reciprocate accordingly by supporting us in our time of need.

The reality of the situation is that an injured employee fights on alone. At this point, it becomes abundantly clear that having a legal expert in your corner will not only get you more compensation than you would by yourself, but relieve some of the stress and frustration that this situation causes an already injured person. You deserve someone to demand that your rights are upheld and who will fight for you until you receive all that is your due.