Motorcycle Safety While Maneuvering Corners

One of the most dangerous maneuvers while riding a motorcycle is negotiating the curves, but it can be one of the most exciting and gratifying acts on a bike, if done properly! What is the correct method to negotiate a curve when you are on two wheels? It would seem that the answer might make matters worse the first time you hear it; although nothing could be further from the truth. It can mean the difference between life and death so practice motorcycle safety while maneuvering corners.

Most experienced riders already know the answer that they learned from a motorcycle safety course, or possibly from one of their biker buddies. For the beginning biker or motorcyclist that hasn’t learned the correct maneuver it can be a life changing moment. If you put many miles on a motorcycle you will encounter that life ending, white knuckle, terror as you are getting ready to fly straight off the corner. Then you will be glad you took the time to read this article and you can put its message to the test, but hopefully this won’t be the first time you have executed this strategy.

This is the action that can save your life, when navigating a left hand corner apply forward pressure to the left handlebar grip and you will ride through the corner like you’re in a groove. When you are maneuvering corners experiment with how much pressure you need to hold your line around the curve. It’s a gentle pressure, with too little you can add more, with too much you can lay it down. It will become second nature to you when you need it in a panic situation if you have done your due diligence. Experience comes with practice and every time you throw a leg over your seat and head out on the highway use this information as many times as possible.

Pushing the proper handlebar grip forward can be a life saver when a vehicle pulls out in front of you while you are riding your bike, and this does happen fairly frequently. That is provided you have a clear opening to your immediate left or right, and hopefully the vehicle stays in the lane they stole from you. Motorcycles are hard to see and sometimes vehicle drivers don’t look too hard for them; subconsciously or unconsciously, they know that they probably won’t be injured if they’re in a collision with a motorcycle.

Basically it comes down to this; if you want to go left or right then you must apply forward pressure to that handlebar grip in which you want your motorcycle to go. Too much pressure will lay you and your bike down, and you will know when it’s too much by practice, practice and more practice. Get comfortable using this tactic and file it in your memory bank as another survival tool for the motorcyclist.

Just remember right curve – right grip and a gentle push forward, and vice versa. You can practice dodging pot holes or any item on the highway, but if you are practicing with imaginary objects or zigzagging in-between the white lines, you will need the gift of gab if you are pulled over by the law. Now you have yet another reason to ride, and you can tell your significant other that you need to go practice motorcycle safety while maneuvering corners.