Major Change and the Law of Attraction

You’re visualizing that perfect job every night and just know that the Universe is bringing you exactly what you desire. You also know that the job you are currently working at right now is not what you want. But you have to work there until the Universe brings you the job you dream of, right? Then, when you go into work the next day you learn you’ve been laid off. Most people would be upset over losing a job, but when you’re a Law of Attraction practitioner you know what this means. The Universe has something better for you coming around the corner.

It can sometimes be hard to be joyous when a major change that seems so difficult happens out of the blue. Not everyone is comfortable with change, but in order for you to obtain what you desire, change is necessary, and major change is something to celebrate.

When major change arrives it means the Universe is aligning you with your desire. You have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet, and the same goes for a major life-changing desire. If you want your visualization to come into physical being, be prepared for major change, and once you have figured out how to practice the Law of Attraction intentionally, things will attract faster to you.

Sometimes the Universe has to align many different components in order for your desire to come into being, and aligning at that magnitude requires change on your part.

Welcome any kind of change because it means there is a shift and when the shift comes, just accept that your desire is right around the corner. The Universe is lining up the planets for you so you can have what you want out of life. Welcome the change. Rejoice in it. In fact, whenever you have a day of any kind of change, toast the day because you are on the right path to the new life you have been envisioning.

Can your desire come to you without a massive shift in your life? Of course it can, and this happens time and time again. But sometimes it takes movement to obtain your desires. It can happen both ways but just remember that when you have major change and you have been faithful in giving the Universe an exact image of what you want, celebrate that seemingly difficult change. Such change is a product of what you have been thinking, feeling, and focusing on, and the Universe is doing its job just for you. So here’s a toast to major change and the Law of Attraction.