Laws: Why Have Them, If They’re Not Enforced?

In nearly every area of our lives, there are certain rules, regulations, and/ or, laws. Whether it’s the rules of the classroom, or workplace. or local, regional, state, national, or international laws, unless/ until, these are consistently, equally applied, and enforced, why bother having them, at all? If a nursery school teacher, fails to make fair rules, and enforce them, or municipalities don’t enforce certain, specific, common sense, rules of the road, or, when it relates to essential national, and international laws, doesn’t it make sense, these only make sense, when/ if, they are well – considered, and applied equally, to all! With that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why, although we need rules and laws, nothing of consequence, occurs, unless/ until, they are enforced equally, and fairly, to all.

1. Classroom rules: Everything I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten. Children must learn, early on, there are ramifications of their actions, and assume personal responsibility, for their actions.

2. Local traffic rules/ laws: Although, most would agree, there is a need, for common sense, traffic rules and laws, many seem to ignore them, during the course of their every – day, lives. I witness this, daily, when I walk my dogs. On a busy corner, there is an important stop sign, which, unfortunately, only a very small percentage of drivers, pay attention to. I have never seen any enforcement on this particular corner, although, it is clearly, a potentially dangerous intersection. Perhaps, if there were some penalties, for these infractions, we would witness, more, smarter, safer driving habits!

3. Local building laws: Why do we have local laws and regulations, in terms of building zoning, landmark laws, etc, if there is so little enforcement of these rules? Municipalities have boards for zoning, variances, building, etc, yet, how often does it seem, these are more, in place, to collect fees, etc, than to actually enforce their rules? Worse yet, far too often, these are enforced, on an unequal playing field, where the wealthiest and most influential, live by different rules, than the rest of us!

4. National: In the past two years, the inconsistencies, on a national level, have become, even more obvious! Many have observed, President Trump, seems to behave/ believe, he is above the law, and his cronies, have ignored their responsibilities, to be, the Balance of Power! Whether, it’s, Constitutional improprieties, irregularities, or, outright, disobedience, Mr. Trump, has seemed to ignore these, and no one, seems to apply and enforced them! There have been many accusations, but, when someone has publicly, declared, he could shoot someone on Park Ave, and get away with it, and then, seems to flaunt the law, whether it is related to cooperating with Congress, the Mueller report, or the Internal Revenue Service, what kind of precedent, and statement, does that make, for those who will follow?

We need fair, common sense, laws and rules, for the safety, well – being, and security, of our nation, and citizens. Wake up, America, and demand justice, rather than more nonsense, promises, and rhetoric!