Best July Jobs in Different Niches

When you study at a high school, college or university, you often dream of getting a well-paid and rewarding job. However, is it really possible to do it nowadays? Mostly, yes, although you need to know what jobs are in a great demand in July 2017 and where you actually have to seek a spare vacancy.

Today, we’re going to speak about a top 5 specialist who have more chances to be hired by employers in July, 2017.

1.     Data Analyst.

If you like to work with data and you will willingly analyze, handle and store them securely, you may always apply for a position of a data analyst. These jobs will be in great demand for a long period of time as more and more cognitive computing is involved in a modern business. To become a good data analyst, one must possess excellent development skills, alongside with coding and testing abilities.

2.     Technical Architect

IT industry is one of the most changeable and developing spheres of business nowadays. If you like to work with various types of software, you may always apply for a position of a technical architect. Your main job duty will be to determine the overall structure of a program or system: you will act like a program manager who oversees IT tasks and who ensures that all parts of the project run smoothly. To become a good technical architect, you need to understand all aspects of each software or program from both business and technical points of view.

3.     Chief Customer Officer

Job seekers who like communication and who are ready to work with people can always apply for the position of a chief customer officer. These specialists are often employed by retailers who need to watch online shopping habits. To become a chief customer officer, you need to have both multi-channel and social media experience.

4.     HR Manager

Most of companies start to thrive when they hire most talented and hardworking employees. However, it’s not something like the owner of the company meets job applicants and interview them. In most cases, he asks a HR manager to do this. If you like working with people and are ready to attract, motivate, and retain the most effective employees, you can always apply for the position of a HR manager.

5.     IP Lawyer

If you are curious about science or engineering and you also get some interest in law, you may always become an IP attorney. Your main job duty will be to consult clients about intellectual property issues like patenting, licensing, blueprinting license agreements. There is always a great probability that you’ll be employed by a law firm or you’ll work in the IP support division in a big company. Once you’ve got interested in this vacancy,you may follow this link and get more detailed information.