Law of Attraction – I’m Good at the Small Stuff

If you’ve used the Law of Attraction, you probably have had some good results with some of the smaller things, but some of the bigger ones are presenting challenges to you. Have you asked yourself what’s different?

I reflected on this because I’ve wished for some things and what I got was even better than I’d imagined (and some never manifested, thank goodness!). There was the time I finished reading my last paperback novel and thought, “I need more novels.” The next day, I found around 100 novels on the table in the laundry room of my building. Forty-five books came home with me. And there was the time I glanced at the corner of my apartment in the pre-war building I live in and thought, “I want a lamp for that corner, and I want it to go with the building’s architecture.” A few hours later, I found a lamp from the 1930s in perfect working order in the basement. I could keep going with a long list of things, people, and resources that took anywhere from a few minutes to a year to reach me.

One difference I found was the energy attached to the thought. Now, any of us who’ve read any material or watched any movies about the Law of Attraction know that the deepest feeling belief we hold is what we attract. This is the key, of course.

When I thought about things I wanted, it was like saying, “I see a lamp in that corner” or “I see more novels waiting on that shelf for me to read them.” I had intention, and I had no emotions attached to getting anything. I just knew I would. No thought went into, “Where am I going to look for that, how much will it cost to get it” . . . I basically stated I was going to have it. I didn’t even commit myself to shopping for these things as part of the process, though I would have been willing to do this.

This detachment didn’t limit the amazing ability of the Universe or quantum field that responds to us in any way. It allowed the Universe to provide and provide quickly, easily, and with items, people, and resources even better than I’d imagined.

What happens when we think about attracting more money or the intimate, committed relationship we choose to have? Did you feel the emotional surge when you read that last sentence? It’s called attachment. It comes from a sense of lack, a need to fix or change, and this puts a choke-hold on your cosmic manifestation team because these emotional attachments have a greater energy than your intention to have whatever it is you choose to have.

So how do you flip this? Ask yourself if your hand can hold more water if it’s clinched or if it’s open. It’s the same with our emotional energy. Picture something that you choose to add to your life right this moment. Every time you feel any doubt about getting it or any negativity about deserving it, see your hand clinched in front of a stream of pure water. Take some deep breaths and remind yourself you can quench your thirst only if your hand is open and cupped so it can receive water. See your limiting beliefs and emotions in the same way.

You may have to work with this more than once because of programmed behaviors about how you’re “supposed” to act when you want or need something. Everything you’re experiencing at this moment is the direct result of a belief you hold and a choice you’ve made. Pause right now and realize what this says about how powerful you actually are.

Power is not nervous, anxious, fretful, or distraught. Power is inspired and intentional. It pays attention to opportunities; and when an action feels appropriate, it moves forward.

Remember that some of what we call to us, even subconsciously, we do so to help us learn and grow. A problematic or challenging situation or person showing up for us is not a sign of failure. In fact, it’s a sign of success. If we focus more on what we can learn about ourselves and how we can expand more into who we are rather than what’s going on, we can recognize this as the mastery it is.

One last bit: There is no “small” or “large” in the Law of Attraction. Anything and everything you attract is a miracle, an affirmation of your ability to create. Celebrate all of them.