How to Use the Law of Abundance to Get What You Want From the Law of Attraction – 3 Essential Tips

The Law of Attraction became really popular after the coming out of the hit movie “The Secret.” The gurus, who appeared in the movie, discussed the ins and outs of the Law of Attraction. However, there is another great law, which they did not really address directly, which is very important for achieving success with the Law of Attraction. The name of this law is the Law of Abundance.

What is the Law of Abundance? This is the law, which postulates how abundance is accumulated and kept. In fact, it is impossible to separate the Law of Attraction from the Law of Abundance, especially when one is looking to attract abundance. Abundance can not be attracted by someone, who does not know about its law, would not you agree? Here are the three essential tips, which will allow you to use these two laws in accordance and harmony.

Tip No 1: Abundance can only be attracted by an abundant mindset, so think abundance!

It is said in the Bible, that from him who does not have, it will be taken, and given to him, who has plenty. Why is that? This might sound cruel, but if you think about it, it is rather fair. The person who has plenty, has taken the time to develop an abundance mentality. He is like a magnet to money! And naturally, money comes to him. The poor person, on the other hand, has a poverty mentality, and thus he repels money. This is not, however, to say that he can not develop an abundance mentality. How can he pull this off?

Tip No 2: Focus yourself on the object of your desire, as if you already have it here and now!

We create our future in our present minds. This is the Law of Attraction. Now, if we elaborate on this with the Law of Abundance, which says that abundance goes to abundance, then we need to create a mental picture of abundance and keep it in our minds with the strong belief that this will bring us abundance. And we should never let this goal, as abundance will be manifested eventually.

Tip No 3: Never give up on your dreams of abundance!

If you ask any guru what the biggest problem with men is, they would not tell you that men are stupid, or that men are bad, or that men are hopeless. They would say that the problem is in the lack of belief and giving up too early. I have already done my best, but it was not meant to be. What if it was just around the corner? In fact, it was just around the corner! The person who wants something strongly enough, never gives up. These are the last words of wisdom I have – live as if abundance is a reality and attract the object of your desires – work on it until it materializes. Happy abundance!