Have Someone Strong in Your Corner

There are many of us who spend the better part of our day at work, actually more time working than sleeping. We are proud of the jobs we do and put all our time and energy into performing our job duties as best we possibly can. This means lots of late nights at the office or stringing power lines in the pre-dawn hours across rural landscapes. No matter what our jobs consist of, we go all out to perform at our peak day after day. This may be the reason we recoil in shock when confronted with the employer who refuses to fight for our rights when injured on the job.

It is way too often that employers are very stingy when it comes to supporting their injured employees, even though they pay premiums to worker’s compensation insurance to cover such occurrences. They are obviously more concerned with their bottom line than with an employee who suffered an injury while under their employ. This is deeply frustrating because we spend so much time at work giving our all and would expect our employer to hold up their end of the bargain. All too often, they don’t.

An injured person is already at his wit’s end, the last thing he needs to frazzle his newly delicate situation is to engage in warfare with the employer and the worker’s compensation carrier. All his attention should be centered on recovering from his injury and getting back to work, not exhausting himself fighting for his rights to get payment for medical bills and lost wages. This is where the prudent employee hires a lawyer to act in his behalf.

Having a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights will greatly ease the stress of dealing with your company and the worker’s compensation representative. A good lawyer will also get your medical bills paid for and compensate you for all hours missed at work. You will do far better with a lawyer because they are the experts in this matter and you are not.

Many people don’t think that hiring a lawyer is necessary and some even believe that they will spend more on a lawyer than they will get from workman’s compensation. While sometimes it is true that companies will help you to get your medical bills paid for and compensation for time lost a work, the fact of the matter is that you will get more money with a lawyer because they know how best to navigate the system and use it to get their clients the most they can.

Sustaining an injury at work is no holiday. When we hurt and cannot work, our income, families and emotional well being all suffer. It seems natural that the hard work we put in on behalf of our employers and the pride we take in our jobs would somehow be recognized by our company and they would reciprocate accordingly by supporting us in our time of need.

The reality of the situation is that an injured employee fights on alone. At this point, it becomes abundantly clear that having a legal expert in your corner will not only get you more compensation than you would by yourself, but relieve some of the stress and frustration that this situation causes an already injured person. You deserve someone to demand that your rights are upheld and who will fight for you until you receive all that is your due.