Corner Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms

The idea of a warm bath on a cold winter night, or a romantic evening with candlelight, champagne and a bubble bath is something we all cherish. The bathtub has become one of our favorite places to relax with the bathroom being of the most coveted rooms in the house.

Corner bathtubs are a great shape for a small bathroom or to optimize space in any bathroom. These tubs can be set up on a pedestal, allowing for a deeper tub and requiring less square footage. The longest side of the tub, the side not in the corner, is typically the traditional 5 foot length or shorter, but still the depth allows for a full grown man to completely submerge his body.

This design is a compliment to any modern bathroom and is available in fiberglass in any color or style. Deep corner bathtubs are often equipped with Jacuzzi jets for the ultimate in relaxation. The tub can be freestanding or part of a shower/bathtub combination with a shower head installed above it.

The original bathtub was an upright barrel that could be filled with water and was equipped with a stool to sit on. In Japan, this is still the concept used on their bathtubs, while western civilization took their tubs in a different direction with a shallower design and longer length. In modern western bathtubs a person can recline until the water reaches their chin. The barrel was not a comfortable, requiring the subjects to remain in the seated position.. The new deeper corner bathtubs allow for reclining to get into a comfortable position with the depth needed for enough submersion.

Back in the day, baths were not designed for comfort, but instead were just there to get the job of washing done. No one really luxuriated in a bath. They got in the tub, washed up and got out – similar to our showering habits of today. People also did not bathe every day and in some countries there were laws that dictated when we could bathe. A lot has changed since then, and with the introduction of the shower head to the bath tub, people are able to wash every day. But we still love the relaxation that a bath offers. Nowadays, everything from Jacuzzi style tubs to small corner bathtubs offer great variety in our choices for a tub. A bath is now a treat to pamper ourselves when we have some time for ourselves.